About HDF

The Hellenic Dance Festival is a yearly event that takes place during Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend every year.  It is the Metropolis of Atlanta's largest youth event.  One would ask, why have a Hellenic Dance Festival Program for our youth? The answer is that Dance is an integral part of our life and society in general. It is creative expression, art, and a social phenomenon, which includes history, folklore, music, songs, and the actual act of dancing. Thus while dancing we engage a lot more than just our feet. Learning to dance the Greek traditional dances helps us expand our knowledge about our heritage, our roots, where we came from. Even for those of us who are far removed from the first Greek immigrants that helped build this country, even if we only have one eighth or one tenth of Greek blood in us, we are still Greek as well as American. Our religion, our Greek language, and our culture help us maintain our identity as Hellenes. The need for our communities to perpetuate our culture, along with the philosophy of ancient Greece and the Olympic spirit of "a healthy mind in a healthy body" were instrumental in the decision by his Eminence Metropolitan Alexios to establish this Hellenic Dance Festival for the youth of our Metropolis.